Get to know the way to reset your E-mail on Nook Support

 If you are one of the fine users of Nook, then you must have observed the superlative features and services of the e-reading tablet in a promising way. Apart from creating the account with the help of Nook com Account, you can also go for resetting the e-mail address on the Nook.

How is it going with the amazing Nook?  Having the vast range of books under different categories is one of the key features of Nook, which has provided the ultimate e-reading experience to all its potential e-readers in the market. With the fascinating features and services, the promising e-reading tablet has been a fine player in the e-reading market. The diverse range of the tablet also marked the device to grab the fair fan base across the nook-e-bookboundaries of the world. Despite having the diverse range, Nook Colour is the only active nook product, which is still in the competition amongst the other mighty competitors like Amazon Kindle. Still, Barnes and Noble comes has already come back after a long time with the Nook Tablet 7, which is currently doing a fair job across the market. Apart from this brief about the journey of Nook, you can also head to www Nook Com to explore the detailing of the e-reading tablet in a better way.

Besides experiencing the dynamic features and services, the e-reading device has got many things which you can explore to get the maximum satisfaction level from the device. If you are one of that user who is looking to change the e-mail address on the fine e-reading device, then you first need to delete your Nook with the B&N account. After doing this, follow these simple steps to get the resetting way. With to the web browser to unlock the Barnes and Noble Account. After opening the account, tap “My Account” and then choose “Account Settings”.


If you counter any kind of issue with the sign in of your account, you can dial nook support, you can also counter any kind of barrier with your tablet.  

  • Firstly, click “Settings” and then “Device”. Now just choose the “Unregister” option to delete the Nook from the Barnes and Nobel Account.
  • Now you need to head Nook Customer Service number to get the required assistance.
  • Simply write the email address and the password, and then enter the new email address and password which you wish to use. Now just tap “Continue” to affirm thenook-e-book modified email address with the new password. With Nook help, you can counter any kind of problematic issue with the device.
  • Now just click “Sign In” on your Nook, and then enter the new password and the email address and then just click “Submit” to kick start with the changes. If you counter any kind of tech issue with the device, you can navigate to Nook Com Support to get the expert assistance and solutions.