How can I troubleshoot downloading issues on Kindle devices?

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Kindle fire tablet is one of the cheapest and best android tablets in the tablet market. You can download any app available on Amazon app store easily but there’s one limitation that you can’t enjoy millions of apps available on Google play store. Today, we are going to discuss a small tweak with which you can install all android apps on your device. There’s no need to take kindle support from the site after reading this blog post.

What are the requirements?

There are two methods to install google play store on your device. One method is by downloading Android APK file and install it directly into the device. Another method is to install the entire play store on your device and start using it as you use your android phone. Although, this method is a little bit difficult to install but the process to download any app from it is too easy. Additionally, you will get google play services with it, which are required for almost all google apps.

Now the requirements for both the methods are:

  1. Kindle fire tablet
  2. Android APK file for method 1.
  3. Window PC for method 1.
  4. Android developer kit for method 2.
  5. Root Junky tool for method 2

Today, we are going to discuss method 2 with you in this blog post i: e, installing play store on the device directly. There isn’t any need to go to www kindle com support link for any help.

This is the best method to enjoy android apps on kindle fire tablet for longer time period. There is no need to download and install every app individually, just open the google play store and grasp it. Apart from this as we have discussed earlier that you will get google play services, which are essential for most of the apps for their working.

It is worth mentioning here that this method will not work on an updated kindle firmware versions. So to block unexpected updates, use Root junky’s tool. It is advisable to use a device that has 5.3.1 firmware OS in it.

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Steps to install google play store:

  1. Open ‘settings’ from the home menu.
  2. Click on ‘device’ option.
  3. Click on the serial number again and again until you see ‘you are now a developer’ option on the screen. If you find any problem in getting it then take Amazon kindle support from the official kindle fire support help link.
  4. Developer menu will appear below the serial number.
  5. Enable ‘ADB’ by toggling the switch.
  6. Connect the tablet with the computer.
  7. Open the super tool zip file and extract the contents there.
  8. Open batch file with name ‘install play store’ from the super tool menu.
  9. Once the program gets finished, you will find options on the screen. Press enter to install ‘ADB drivers’.
  10. Click on type 2 and press enter to check the ADB drivers.
  11. In case the test failed for your Type 1 i.e., installation of necessary files, then there is need to connect the fire tablet with PC again.
  12. Once done with it, click on type 2 to install play store and remove ads from a locked screen.
  13. Go back to the main menu after completion. If you find any problem, then call at kindle customer service
  14. If you click on type 3, then this will block future updates from amazon.
  15. Restart your device after completion.

You can now see the play store platform under the apps sections. Now you can use this app store for downloading any app and use it flawlessly. If you find any problem in opening the play store from the menu then go to kindle help menu and read the complete instructions from the guide.


What Are The Simplest Of The Ways To Setup Kindle Device?

Kindle e-Reader is an extraordinary device with extraordinary features. If you are looking to use this device, then the first thing that you need to make sure that your Kindle e-Reader has been set up properly. We in this blog post are going to discuss the setup process of Kindle devices in an easy to understand manner.

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Amazon last year has two new models by the name of Kindle Oasis and Kindle 2016. Both the Kindle devices facilitate a wide number of features, plus it is extremely easy to use this device. Everything about these two devices is cool, but there is one main thing that people are concerned about when buying these devices.

This is the absence of setup manual with the device. Amazon doesn’t provide any setup manual because they believe that using their Kindle devices is very easy. It’s true that using Kindle devices is perhaps quite easy. The company hasn’t put anything about the setup process on the official website of the company.

The absence of setup manual is nothing a new thing, as the company has provided the manual with the devices. If you have bought a Kindle device and are looking to set it up, then you can take the help of Amazon Kindle support because they are fully aware of how to set up Kindle e-reader in the best way. Where most people know how to set up the device, there are still many people who don’t know how to do it.

Connect Kindle device to the Wi-Fi network

If you own a Kindle device, then you can easily connect your Kindle device to the Wi-Fi network. You will get a message from the device itself. But, if you are not interested in connecting the device to the Wi-Fi network, then you can select ‘ask me later’ option.

But, most people click on connect to Wi-Fi option because if the device is connected to the Wi-Fi network, then it becomes a lot easier to receive the updates and all other information, which is important from the user’s perspective. You can choose your Wi-Fi network from the list of networks and then, press ‘Connect’.

You have to enter the password and then, you will see that the device is connected to the Wi-Fi network. If you are using 3G cellular data, then you can setup your device according to that. It is also as simple as the Wi-Fi connectivity process. If you face any problem, then you can get in touch with Amazon Kindle customer service center.

Register your Kindle

You have to create an account on Amazon in order to get access to the Kindle library and a host of other features, which your Kindle device is missing for sure. If you already have an account on Kindle, then that’s great, but if not, then you can easily create it.

The process is simple and it hardly takes a minute or so to complete the process. You can purchase books and store them in the cloud section that is given to you as an account holder. For any issue, you can log onto www Kindle com support website.

Features of Amazon Kindle

Kindle constitutes a wide number of features, which you can access after registering yourself on the Amazon account. You can also connect your device with Facebook and Twitter. You will get the information regarding how to adjust the backlight, how to turn pages and how to find meanings of the difficult words, etc. You can log onto Kindle com support if there is any issue in accessing these features.

Excellent Kindle Support

Amazon has always provided excellent help and support to its users. So, if you are using a Kindle device and want to find a solution to a certain problem, then you can take Kindle help. You can go to the official Kindle website and look for the troubleshooting steps, or you can talk to the tech support providers about the problem and its possible solution.

Amazon also provides a dedicated support for Kindle Fire devices, so if you have bought a Fire Tablet, then you can get world-class Kindle Fire support help where you can easily get the solution for any problem.

How To Setup And Use Kindle Free Time On Kindle 2nd Generation Device?

Kindle’s free time feature in kindle device allows you to personalize your device according to your children so that your child can access the contents under parental control. Kids can read, play and enjoy the games under restricted environment. Your child personal information remained secured with the help of kindle privacy.

Kindle support the child profile by customizing the home screen and its working experience. You can get your child name displayed on the screen with gender and birth date details. This all comes under kindle free time experience.

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Your child can access the third party apps from the store and you can get full information about your child visited paths by clicking on the privacy notice. You will get the complete information related to the apps that are being searched out and accessed by your child. You can take kindle help regarding the privacy policy from Amazon website too.

Before starting with the kindle free time, setup of parental control password and your child profile is necessary so we are going to discuss steps about its setup and let you know its usage in this blog post. Kindle free time works on every kindle model but today we will discuss its setup process for kindle 2nd generation device. In case of more help and information, you can follow kindle com support link.

Important: when you use the kindle free time, then it will automatically block the kindle content access through the stores and bars access to the silk browser. It will disable the location-based services like your local search and local weather conditions. You need to enter the parental control password if you want to access the kindle settings and exit from kindle free time. You have option to enable or disable the wireless network connectivity through the kindle free time setting. In case of more support, you can call at kindle customer service number.

The process for setup is discussed below:

  1. Go to apps from the home screen then click on the kindle free time.
  2. Click on get started menu.
  3. Enter the password if you have already set the password for parental controls otherwise create a password for parental controls and click on continue.
  4. Click on ‘add a child profile’. Place a picture in the profile to add a profile picture.
  5. Enter the details of your child like: Name, date of birth, gender and click on the next. If you want to add a profile of more than one child then you can do so by clicking on ‘add another child’.
  6. The maximum no: of profiles that you can create in free time are four.

After setting up successfully, you can add the contents to the profile and subscribe to the monthly package for receiving plenty of contents on monthly basis. If you child is keen to learn the educational things then you can set the goals and time limit for the same. There must be profile contents added in your kindle free time in order to complete the set up.

  1. Click on ‘done’ to save and create the profile.

Later on, if you want to do changes in the profile then you can do so by tapping on Apps> kindle free time. Click on manage content and subscription or lot more to change the profile settings. Go to www kindle com support from your device in case of further support and help.

Use: Once you created a profile and is ready for use then tap on the profile icon to enter into profile.

  1. Open the content library from the profile and look for books, if the contents are available for download then you can download it with help of amazon kindle support.
  2. When you want to exit free time from kindle fire support then go to settings followed by parent settings then click on exit free time.

Simple Way To Download The Photos To Your Nook HD.

Apart from accessing dynamic range of books on your HD version, you can also head on to download all the photos in a simple way.  

How are you doing with your Nook HD version? If you got the third-generation Nook HD on your side, then you must be having the finest e-reading experience of classic collection of books with different titles. The astounding features and fascinating services of the Nook Com Support have already marked the e-reading tablet as the key player in the market.

There is no doubt that it’s quite amazing to choose any eBook from the extensive treasure of content under the Nook library. But, there are many things which you can do with the HD version of the Nook tablet. If you have gone on any kind of trip with your families, then you must be happy to know that you can easily transfer all your saved photos from your computer to Nook tablet.

Even, all the pictures that are stored in the Micros SD card of your digital camera can also be transferred to your Nook Support. If you are looking out the way, then we have come up with an elaborate way to transfer your photos in an easy way. Let’s kick start the process.

www Nook Com

Connecting Nook to the PC

  • Firstly link the Nook tablet to the Computer by using the USB cable of your Nook. Note that you need to use that cable which you have got with your Nook tablet. As using another USB cable may not work in a fine manner.
  • If you are linking your www Nook Com for the first time to your computer, then you have to wait until the drivers completed the updating on the computer. When you get asked the way to treat the device, then choose “Open device to see the videos using Windows Explorer”. After this, your Nook will get displayed as the BNTV400 in “My Computer”.
  • After this, just Double-click the “BNTV400” drive and unlock the “Internal Storage”
  • Now unlock the “My Files” folder and then “Pictures” sub-folder. Just drag the pictures and then drop it to the “Pictures” folder on the Computer.
  • After completing the transferring of photos, simply tap Eject and then delink the USB cable from the Nook.
  • Lastly, click “Library” on the home screen of Nook. Now, click “My files” in the library and then choose “Pictures” to see the photos that you transferred from the computer. If got any kind issue while transferring the files, then get in touch with Nook Customer Service to get the proper guidance and solutions.
  • You can also head on to transfer the photos from your digital camera to the nook in a fine way. Just insert the MicroSD card into the slot and then click “Library” on the home screen of Nook. Now click “My Files” and then tap the “SD card” tab to simply access to the pics on the card.

Simple Way To Return The Purchased Books On Your Kindle Fire.

Kindle fire series of tablets has always provided the fine e-reading experience to all its users in the market. If you are looking out to return the purchased eBook on your kindle fire, then you just need to know the simple way to complete the process. Besides this, you can head for kindle help to get any kind of assistance.

kindle-tech-supportAre you enjoying the fine company of your Kindle fire tablet? Well, if you are one of the potential users of the fire series tablets, then you must have been experienced the amazing features and fine services of the fire tablet. The multi talented tablet of Amazon has actually embarked itself as one of the fine choices for having an all-in-one tablet for streaming movies, shows and also reading the dynamic collection of eBooks under the Kindle library.

With its astounding display and amazing ability, the fire tablet series has also given the sparkling edge to all the potential e-readers across the global boundaries. All users adorably select their favourite edition under the different titles with the fire tablet, which also reflects the satisfying experience of all the e-readers across the global boundaries. Well, all the fine users can also head to Kindle Com Support to counter any kind of issue with their kindle model.

Kindle fire tablet actually becomes the fine tablet series to provide the whole package of kindle-fireentertainment to all the users across the worldwide. But, all the potential e-readers have always been keen to access the amazing kindle library in a satisfying way. The fine kindle library has got the immense collection of eBooks under different titles, which actually makes the users purchase their favourite eBooks and have the amazing e-reading experience. But, there are some instances, when the users wish to return the borrowed books. In case, if you are one of those users who is looking to return the borrowed books to their  Kindle fire version, then head to the simple way to return the books easily. This is the reason we are here with the fine way to let you return your borrowed books easily.

 For Any Other Query, Users Can Also Go To Kindle Support To Get The Better Solutions.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to go to the “Manage your Kindle” page of Amazon and then log in to your account. Now you need to tap the “Books” link in the “Your Kindle Library” heading, which will show you all the list of the “Titles”, which you have examined currently. In case if you counter any kind of login issue, then you can dial Amazon Kindle Customer Service number to get the quick solutions.

kindle-com-support2. The second thing which you need to do is to tap the drop down menu of “Actions”, which you can find next to the title of the returning book. After choosing the action tab, just choose the “Return Book” option. In case, if you got the book from a kindle book owner, then you need to tap the “Delete from Library Option”. If you counter any issue, then you can go to Amazon Kindle Support to get the fine solutions.

3. Now, just click “Yes” button to confirm that you are returning the book. In case, if you      face any kind of tech bug while dealing with the process, then you can navigate to Kindle  Fire Support Help to get the export assistance and solutions.

How To Close The Opened Programs On Your Nook Color ?

Accessing the numerous number of books under different categories is one of the fine features of the nook, which you are experiencing it from a long time. If you got Nook color on your side, then you would have to face the issue of running apps in the background. Get the fine way to counter the issue. All new users can navigate to www Nook com Account to setup their nook color.

How is it going with your Nook color tablet? If you are one of the potential users of Nooknook-color color, then you definitely would have experienced the spectacular features and services of the color version of nook tablet. With the diverse collection of books under different sections, Nook tablet has always been a key player in the market. And with its unique versions of the tablet, the Barnes and Noble product has managed to get a fair fan base across the global boundaries. While using, if you are still facing any kind of barrier, then you can simply head to Nook help to counter the barrier with fine assistance and solution.

Having a nook color is one of the pleasurable things you can experience with the color tablet. Being the first color tablet, Nook color has got the modified mobile operating nook-helpsystem of the version of Android. While having such kind of fine system, the color tablet ensures to provide the best service to all its potential users. But, having such kind of modified system also have the possibility of having some issues in which the most common issue is the apps running in the background.

 if you got this issue with your tablet, then your tablet’s battery will get drain within no time. Well, the developers might have added the Exit option or else, you need to go for the use of any third party app. To counter the problem, we are here with the possible way to close the running programs on your color tablet.

You can head to www Nook com if you are looking out to explore the color version of the tablet.

The first thing which you need to do is to switch off your Nook color by holding the power button for 20 seconds. After holding the power button, you will get the option to confirm the shutting down of your tablet. You need to cancel the process to come back to the Nook color. This will remove all the apps which are running on the tablet.


In the browser, now you need to head to the “Options” to unlock the menu and shut down the unlock browser windows. Choose “Windows” and connect the “X” to any unlock window to close it. If you counter any issue with the shutting down of the browser window, then just head dial Nook Customer Service number to get the quick solutions of the problem.

Now you need to go to the last activity and shut down the latest app you have unlocked.

Just press the Nook button on the apps full-screen to get the “Exit” option. After getting the option, just head to choose the option.

Straightly, move on to install the “Your app manager” from the B&N app store. Start the app and choose any process running in the background and then choose “Kill it” to close the process finally. If you counter any kind of tech bug during the process, then you can navigate to Nook support to get the expert assistance and solutions.