How To Setup And Use Kindle Free Time On Kindle 2nd Generation Device?

Kindle’s free time feature in kindle device allows you to personalize your device according to your children so that your child can access the contents under parental control. Kids can read, play and enjoy the games under restricted environment. Your child personal information remained secured with the help of kindle privacy.

Kindle support the child profile by customizing the home screen and its working experience. You can get your child name displayed on the screen with gender and birth date details. This all comes under kindle free time experience.

kindle fire

Your child can access the third party apps from the store and you can get full information about your child visited paths by clicking on the privacy notice. You will get the complete information related to the apps that are being searched out and accessed by your child. You can take kindle help regarding the privacy policy from Amazon website too.

Before starting with the kindle free time, setup of parental control password and your child profile is necessary so we are going to discuss steps about its setup and let you know its usage in this blog post. Kindle free time works on every kindle model but today we will discuss its setup process for kindle 2nd generation device. In case of more help and information, you can follow kindle com support link.

Important: when you use the kindle free time, then it will automatically block the kindle content access through the stores and bars access to the silk browser. It will disable the location-based services like your local search and local weather conditions. You need to enter the parental control password if you want to access the kindle settings and exit from kindle free time. You have option to enable or disable the wireless network connectivity through the kindle free time setting. In case of more support, you can call at kindle customer service number.

The process for setup is discussed below:

  1. Go to apps from the home screen then click on the kindle free time.
  2. Click on get started menu.
  3. Enter the password if you have already set the password for parental controls otherwise create a password for parental controls and click on continue.
  4. Click on ‘add a child profile’. Place a picture in the profile to add a profile picture.
  5. Enter the details of your child like: Name, date of birth, gender and click on the next. If you want to add a profile of more than one child then you can do so by clicking on ‘add another child’.
  6. The maximum no: of profiles that you can create in free time are four.

After setting up successfully, you can add the contents to the profile and subscribe to the monthly package for receiving plenty of contents on monthly basis. If you child is keen to learn the educational things then you can set the goals and time limit for the same. There must be profile contents added in your kindle free time in order to complete the set up.

  1. Click on ‘done’ to save and create the profile.

Later on, if you want to do changes in the profile then you can do so by tapping on Apps> kindle free time. Click on manage content and subscription or lot more to change the profile settings. Go to www kindle com support from your device in case of further support and help.

Use: Once you created a profile and is ready for use then tap on the profile icon to enter into profile.

  1. Open the content library from the profile and look for books, if the contents are available for download then you can download it with help of amazon kindle support.
  2. When you want to exit free time from kindle fire support then go to settings followed by parent settings then click on exit free time.

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