Simple Way To Download The Photos To Your Nook HD.

Apart from accessing dynamic range of books on your HD version, you can also head on to download all the photos in a simple way.  

How are you doing with your Nook HD version? If you got the third-generation Nook HD on your side, then you must be having the finest e-reading experience of classic collection of books with different titles. The astounding features and fascinating services of the Nook Com Support have already marked the e-reading tablet as the key player in the market.

There is no doubt that it’s quite amazing to choose any eBook from the extensive treasure of content under the Nook library. But, there are many things which you can do with the HD version of the Nook tablet. If you have gone on any kind of trip with your families, then you must be happy to know that you can easily transfer all your saved photos from your computer to Nook tablet.

Even, all the pictures that are stored in the Micros SD card of your digital camera can also be transferred to your Nook Support. If you are looking out the way, then we have come up with an elaborate way to transfer your photos in an easy way. Let’s kick start the process.

www Nook Com

Connecting Nook to the PC

  • Firstly link the Nook tablet to the Computer by using the USB cable of your Nook. Note that you need to use that cable which you have got with your Nook tablet. As using another USB cable may not work in a fine manner.
  • If you are linking your www Nook Com for the first time to your computer, then you have to wait until the drivers completed the updating on the computer. When you get asked the way to treat the device, then choose “Open device to see the videos using Windows Explorer”. After this, your Nook will get displayed as the BNTV400 in “My Computer”.
  • After this, just Double-click the “BNTV400” drive and unlock the “Internal Storage”
  • Now unlock the “My Files” folder and then “Pictures” sub-folder. Just drag the pictures and then drop it to the “Pictures” folder on the Computer.
  • After completing the transferring of photos, simply tap Eject and then delink the USB cable from the Nook.
  • Lastly, click “Library” on the home screen of Nook. Now, click “My files” in the library and then choose “Pictures” to see the photos that you transferred from the computer. If got any kind issue while transferring the files, then get in touch with Nook Customer Service to get the proper guidance and solutions.
  • You can also head on to transfer the photos from your digital camera to the nook in a fine way. Just insert the MicroSD card into the slot and then click “Library” on the home screen of Nook. Now click “My Files” and then tap the “SD card” tab to simply access to the pics on the card.


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