How To Close The Opened Programs On Your Nook Color ?

Accessing the numerous number of books under different categories is one of the fine features of the nook, which you are experiencing it from a long time. If you got Nook color on your side, then you would have to face the issue of running apps in the background. Get the fine way to counter the issue. All new users can navigate to www Nook com Account to setup their nook color.

How is it going with your Nook color tablet? If you are one of the potential users of Nooknook-color color, then you definitely would have experienced the spectacular features and services of the color version of nook tablet. With the diverse collection of books under different sections, Nook tablet has always been a key player in the market. And with its unique versions of the tablet, the Barnes and Noble product has managed to get a fair fan base across the global boundaries. While using, if you are still facing any kind of barrier, then you can simply head to Nook help to counter the barrier with fine assistance and solution.

Having a nook color is one of the pleasurable things you can experience with the color tablet. Being the first color tablet, Nook color has got the modified mobile operating nook-helpsystem of the version of Android. While having such kind of fine system, the color tablet ensures to provide the best service to all its potential users. But, having such kind of modified system also have the possibility of having some issues in which the most common issue is the apps running in the background.

 if you got this issue with your tablet, then your tablet’s battery will get drain within no time. Well, the developers might have added the Exit option or else, you need to go for the use of any third party app. To counter the problem, we are here with the possible way to close the running programs on your color tablet.

You can head to www Nook com if you are looking out to explore the color version of the tablet.

The first thing which you need to do is to switch off your Nook color by holding the power button for 20 seconds. After holding the power button, you will get the option to confirm the shutting down of your tablet. You need to cancel the process to come back to the Nook color. This will remove all the apps which are running on the tablet.


In the browser, now you need to head to the “Options” to unlock the menu and shut down the unlock browser windows. Choose “Windows” and connect the “X” to any unlock window to close it. If you counter any issue with the shutting down of the browser window, then just head dial Nook Customer Service number to get the quick solutions of the problem.

Now you need to go to the last activity and shut down the latest app you have unlocked.

Just press the Nook button on the apps full-screen to get the “Exit” option. After getting the option, just head to choose the option.

Straightly, move on to install the “Your app manager” from the B&N app store. Start the app and choose any process running in the background and then choose “Kill it” to close the process finally. If you counter any kind of tech bug during the process, then you can navigate to Nook support to get the expert assistance and solutions.


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